I live in Portugal on my 10ha farm for 26 years. For just as long, I have been committed to the nature, to the environment and to animals of all kinds that need protection. In these many years with sometimes frightening experiences, the idea matured to actively put nature conservation at the focus of my work. I was able to implement many concepts here on my own land and ensure that plants and animals could grow and thrive in a protected environment. Outside this small enclave, however, things looked and look different and that moves me a lot.
Even though there was little time left besides my extensive daily routine, I have always devoted myself to writing and photography in order to express my thoughts and concepts through these mediums. I see photographic art as a suitable tool of drawing attention to everything that is not going so well in our world and that should be improved. Everyone of us lives a very limited time on this planet, but we always leave FootPrints for an eternity. They are FootPrints that will also have a significant impact on the lives and destinies of future generations. Together with my fellow members of the FootPrint Project, I am therefore exploring various questions that really concern me like:

  • What do we leave behind?
  • What rules does nature follow?
  • How do we relate to nature and what respect do we show it?
  • Is humanity still a standard in our society?
  • What does civilisation and being civilised really mean?
  • Are we really civilised by what we do every day to many of our fellow human beings and our habitat?

One can discuss all these questions in theoretical form, one can follow one ideology or another, but do we even know what we are talking about? Do we in „civilised“ and rich Europe really know what poverty means? There is a saying that says: a picture expresses more than a thousand words and it is exactly this saying that I would like to follow with my photographic art.