Hello, my name is Jean-Pierre Stauffer and I am a painter who has replaced his brush with a camera. I live alternately in Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. As a photographic artist, I am interested in the motifs of nature, but I also like architecture. During my countless journeys through Europe, the Caribbean and the world of the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, I have come across a wonderful nature that is increasingly threatened. Our world is in a state of upheaval, but we have to make sure that it doesn’t break down in the end because of this upheaval.

My works try to bring nature and the old way of life into a harmonious connection with the new world. It is important for me not only to direct the viewer’s gaze towards the beautiful, but also to show where the dangers lie and which traps mankind must not fall into. That is why I am part of the FootPrint Project.